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Just imagine if you went to church, a concert, or other performance, expecting
everything to go without a problem. Imagine, when you got to your destination,
there was no sound system working, no microphones in place, and no one who
knew how to operate the sound booth correctly.

This scenario happened on March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday at Union Baptist
Church in Cincinnati. That was the day we all learned of the passing of Bro.
Freddie Powell Jr., loving son and brother, sound technician at Union Baptist
Church, broadcast engineer at WSTR-TV in Cincinnati, and the one person to call
if you needed help with anything electronic in nature. His generous and selfless
service to the people of Cincinnati and the church community is a model for
service excellence.

The Freddie Powell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established under
the umbrella of the Union Foundation on October 28, 2013. It was funded on
November 14, 2013, what would have been Freddie’s 47th birthday. The Purpose
of the Scholarship Fund is to assist and encourage individuals to advance
themselves in post-secondary studies.

The Mission of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to
students majoring in the fields of Communications (audio/visual technologies)
and/or the Creative and Performing Arts at an accredited post-secondary